Wednesday, January 30, 2013

VSIP Reflection

I believe that going to VSIP was a very interesting experience as it is a place for many business opportunities and investments. Vietnam is a very strategic location, cost efficient and well populated. I believe that VSIP is a very smart way of improving the economy in Hanoi and Singapore. It is quite an experience to see the development of the Province under Integrated Township. I also think that through this Singapore can work together with other countries and form ties with them and not have any conflicts with one another. This trip also showed me the various ways countries could work hand in hand and boost the economy of the country. After the talk, I learnt many things about why VSIP's were created. I learnt about the various business techniques done by big companies. I also learnt that Singapore and Vietnam works together to achieve greater results and therefore reach higher goals. With these skills in life, we can strive forward and do wonders. Through my journey in VSIP I learnt that there are many business opportunities there, and after listening to the talk I have learnt what are the challenges in creating a business and they can be overcome. I also learnt that Singapore is recognized for its organisation and management. However, Singapore is lacking Inventors and Innovators to develop the country even further. So, it shows that we all have to improve on many aspects to help Singapore. Today is a very enriching experience to VSIP as I got to know how Singapore has collaborated with Vietnam to foster diplomatic ties, develop the Northern part of Vietnam and create job opportunities throughout the country. I learn a lot. For example, the 2nd happiest country in the world is Vietnam. The land that was once paddy fields will be transformed into an Industrial park about the size of Singapore, together with a township. The statistics shared showed how important jobs are to the country and how crowded Vietnam is. Vietnam has many times Singapore’s area and population.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

French Quarters

The streets of the French quarters. A lot of activities taking place here.

Ancient university

The university for aspiring scholars existed more than 10 centuries ago. Not only talent and intelligence were needed for scholars to study there, certain important values were also well emphasised. However, it is still very well maintained. The traditional music performance was also very interesting.

HCM Stilt House and Mausoleum

The group has just visited the Mausoleum of the great leader of Vietnam. We also visited the stilt house in which he resided.

                                            Koi Pond of late President Mr Ho Chi Minh

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halong bay

We are currently on a 4 hour trip to the beautiful and magnificent Halong bay!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 2 (VSIP Bach Ninh)

Today, we went to VSIP Binh Duong to explore the industrial relationship between Singapore and Vietnam. It was a very interesting lesson. First, we listened to a lecture by the principal there, who explained to us how things worked there. It was a very interesting lecture and we were fascinated by how the entire system worked. 

Then, we had another lecture by a Singaporean man who had been living in Vietnam for years. Though we missed his name, he was very nice to us and told us more about living in Vietnam. We learnt so much about the industrial relationship between Singapore and Vietnam. Then, we had a tour around the place, which is a prototype of the VSIP. The park was very carefully organized. After that, we travelled around the park via our bus and got to see the many companies whose factories were located there. We saw familiar places companies like Mapletree, Pepsi Co and Semens, which we usually see in Singapore.

I think the lesson we have learnt is that we must respect Singapore for being able to build such a place, and that we must also respect what we have, as the places there were less luxurious and well-made. VSIP stood out from the other factories in Vietnam, in the way it was built and how modernized it was.

Day 2 - Debrief Notes

The following in Vietnam Time 

Day 2 - 6 Nov (Tues) 

Lights-off : 2100hrs 

Day 3 - 7 Nov (Wed) 

Morning Call  : 0545hrs 

Breakfast      : 0615hrs 

Meeting Time : 0645hrs 

Venue           : Lobby
Attire             : Home Clothes