Wednesday, January 30, 2013

VSIP Reflection

I believe that going to VSIP was a very interesting experience as it is a place for many business opportunities and investments. Vietnam is a very strategic location, cost efficient and well populated. I believe that VSIP is a very smart way of improving the economy in Hanoi and Singapore. It is quite an experience to see the development of the Province under Integrated Township. I also think that through this Singapore can work together with other countries and form ties with them and not have any conflicts with one another. This trip also showed me the various ways countries could work hand in hand and boost the economy of the country. After the talk, I learnt many things about why VSIP's were created. I learnt about the various business techniques done by big companies. I also learnt that Singapore and Vietnam works together to achieve greater results and therefore reach higher goals. With these skills in life, we can strive forward and do wonders. Through my journey in VSIP I learnt that there are many business opportunities there, and after listening to the talk I have learnt what are the challenges in creating a business and they can be overcome. I also learnt that Singapore is recognized for its organisation and management. However, Singapore is lacking Inventors and Innovators to develop the country even further. So, it shows that we all have to improve on many aspects to help Singapore. Today is a very enriching experience to VSIP as I got to know how Singapore has collaborated with Vietnam to foster diplomatic ties, develop the Northern part of Vietnam and create job opportunities throughout the country. I learn a lot. For example, the 2nd happiest country in the world is Vietnam. The land that was once paddy fields will be transformed into an Industrial park about the size of Singapore, together with a township. The statistics shared showed how important jobs are to the country and how crowded Vietnam is. Vietnam has many times Singapore’s area and population.

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