Level 3 leaders


Day 1:
On the first day, managing the students was a difficult task for me. I did not do a very good job as I was pretty nervous.Thus, I watched and tried to understand the character of the students and thus adjust how I should treat them accordingly. However, I felt that there were certain times of the day when I should have performed and managed better. For example, Isaac went off to collect his luggage first and thus left the group for a short while. I believe that I could have reminded the group not to wander off before the customs checkpoint. Asking the the students to gather in their groups was quite a difficult task and it was certainly slow and chaotic, as was evident at the airport and the puppet show. I believe that I could have done better in managing the group and in being a level 3 leader. I also have to be more firm.

 Day 2:
On day 2, the gathering of students in their groups went much better and smoother after the teacher told counselled the entire group. However, there was a sudden change of plans and we had to rehearse for the presentation we had prepared. We were certainly quite nervous. The students were crowding at the back of the stage and I had to move them forward. I think that I could have done a much more effective job in doing so. I believe that today's session was less chaotic as students were more aware of the fact that they were overseas. We did our first debrief. Compared to Mr Koh, we certainly did not do as well. I was very nervous and stuttered a lot but managed to provide some thoughtful questions for the students. However, I felt quite bad as I had to call out certain names as these students had said something inappropriate. I came up with questions as I was trying to provide relevance to the experience with the student's daily lives.

Day 3:
On day 3, the day went well. The students were generally well behaved and no one wandered off. They were generally on time. I am very happy. However, some students were quite rebellious and thus that might have been a problem. Some of them were also very quiet and therefore I tried to sit with different people during meal time to talk to them. During the boat ride, some of the students were leaning on the rail and some were very close to the edge. I felt that they should have an awareness of safety and I even reminded them quite a few times. There were also some students jumping and playing around the upper deck. However, the students were too engrossed and excited and thus not as mindful of their behaviour.


Day 1: The students were generally cooperative and well behaved. However, there were times when some students went missing. I think I handled it well by not panicking, however, I was quite helpless about where to find the missing student since I had to clear my own customs too. Also, I was hesitant to reprimand the students when they were making a lot of noise at Changi Airport even though the cleaner there had already hushed them multiple times. I could have handled that situation better as there were many people staring at us.

Day 2: Today there was a change of plans and we went to the Junior High first. Luckily the impromptu presentation wasn't too bad. However, if given another chance I would make sure I completed all my preparations before the trip and not during the night before the school visit in case of any sudden changes. At the end of the day, we debriefed the students. Although we were unprepared, I still tried my best to facilitate the session by asking questions related to the experiential learning cycle. Tomorrow, I hope to prepare for the facilitation session better and be more firm with my words.

Day 3: There wasn't much of a discipline problem today so there wasn't a need for scolding. Debrief was also shorter than usual since everyone was tired from the bus rides. Things were generally smooth throughout the day.

Day 4: A few students were down with food poisoning and I was required to assist and accompany them to the clinic. I helped with whatever I could since I was still healthy. I stayed with them in the hotel afterwards. I could have checked on the students more often throughout the afternoon.

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