Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 2 (VSIP Bach Ninh)

Today, we went to VSIP Binh Duong to explore the industrial relationship between Singapore and Vietnam. It was a very interesting lesson. First, we listened to a lecture by the principal there, who explained to us how things worked there. It was a very interesting lecture and we were fascinated by how the entire system worked. 

Then, we had another lecture by a Singaporean man who had been living in Vietnam for years. Though we missed his name, he was very nice to us and told us more about living in Vietnam. We learnt so much about the industrial relationship between Singapore and Vietnam. Then, we had a tour around the place, which is a prototype of the VSIP. The park was very carefully organized. After that, we travelled around the park via our bus and got to see the many companies whose factories were located there. We saw familiar places companies like Mapletree, Pepsi Co and Semens, which we usually see in Singapore.

I think the lesson we have learnt is that we must respect Singapore for being able to build such a place, and that we must also respect what we have, as the places there were less luxurious and well-made. VSIP stood out from the other factories in Vietnam, in the way it was built and how modernized it was.

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